Hi, my name is

Cheynice Ruidas.



Thank you for taking the time to read a bit of my background. I'll try to keep things short and sweet! At the end of this bio, feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

My photography journey began here in my home island of Maui in 2012. I was in the midst of college working towards becoming Hawaii’s next architect. Yes, an architect! To help pay for my college, I was a part time photo editor for a local photographer here on Maui. 


I edited for two years, before deciding I was ambitious enough to become a photographer myself in 2014. It was not easy! 

I was an introvert and really had to leave my comfort zone to be a photographer. I also learned everything I know about photography through countless hours of online classes and experience on the field. Took a few photography classes in college and ended up settling for my liberal arts degree from UHMC instead of pursuing architecture. 


It took YEARS of working with different photo companies and clientele and in 2021, I opened Cheynice’s Photography LLC because I want to impact my community with an enjoyable photography experience and timeless photos imprinted with love for years to come.


You can find me on Lanai! We moved to this small island here in Hawaii in 2020 and it’s just a 45 minute ferry ride away from Maui. I encourage you to visit Lanai for a relaxing getaway and if you enjoy hunting and fishing. :) If I'm not on Lanai, I'm most likely traveling for photos, business, or just because I want a getaway!

Now, a few things about me unrelated to photography:

  1. My boyfriend, Tyler, and I are parents to our fur baby, Leon. He's a small ball of energy for a terrior-poodle-pincsher-jack russell mix! 
  2. I'm a bodybuilder who competes in the figure division. So don't be surprised if some shoots I look leaner than my pictures on this page or if my hair color changes sporadically. Fitness is life.
  3. I recently opened a second business in the finance industry encouraging asset protection for financial growth and peace of mind. I guess you can say I love to keep busy!
  4. Some of my favorite TV shows are Vikings: Valhalla, Demon Slayer, Big Bang Theory, Hunter x Hunter to name a few! I'm a huge anime fan!! ;)

I’ll leave it at that for now! If you have any questions or want to learn anything else about me, let me know. Thanks for reading and I look forward to connecting with you for photos!

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