When Kristian came to me with his Lanai senior portrait vision, he knew exactly what he wanted, which left me so impressed! I love learning about client expectations. It gives me the chance to really personalize a session for their needs. He wanted to incorporate football in his photos where he would be wearing his graduation gown and while kicking the football in a field setting. Instantly, I knew I had to bring my octa-softbox to this shoot for that dramatic magazine sports look! This equipment is not something I normally bring to outdoor shoots, it's mainly used for studio portraits indoors because of how bulky it is. I'm a one-woman show for 98% of my shoots.

On the day of, the weather was perfect. The sun was out. There were some scattered clouds and little to no wind. We found ourself in the fields just before Lanai City. Here's a little behind the scenes reel I posted to Instagram earlier this week. After doing Kristian's casual portraits, here is the final product of his vision!

Click this video to play!

Another vision successfully brought to life!

Some quick tips for your session!

  1. I encourage you to share any specific posing ideas before we begin your session to be sure we're properly prepared for the session
  2. Bring props to best express your vision and personality. I don't bring any props to sessions.
  3. Be on time for sunset sessions please. We're working with limited lighting, so if you're running late to the session, you might not be able to get all the amazing golden hour photos, instead, you'll hopefully get a few!
  4. Be mindful of outfit changes and the amount time it will take away from the session. Unfortunately session duration does not stop for outfit changes. Limiting outfit changes to one change (at the very most two outfits - but that might be pushing it close) will be sure we have time for more portraits.

That's it for now! Thank you for viewing this post! I hope you learned something new!

Contact me today with your photo session inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Aloha!