The sunsets lately have been absolutely stunning! So much colors. So much life! That's exactly what Jennifer and Mark were hoping for as they celebrated their Maui Honeymoon!

A lot of people know this gorgeous couple as Mr. Olympia Men's Physique '13 and Ms. Olympia Bikini '21. I actually met them the day before this shoot through my bodybuilding coach! We showed them around our home island and at the end of the day talked about getting some photos captured to document their vacation. Such great down-to-earth and humble souls!

Throughout their stay here on Maui, Jennifer had one request to watch the Maui sunsets with Mark. And on the last day of their vacation, we were ready for one of the most beautiful sunsets during their stay. Not only was Jennifer and Mark a dream to photograph, but Maui delivered!

Thank you for viewing this post! And I wanted to send a HUGE mahalo to Jennifer and Mark for spending some of your Maui vacation with me!

Contact me today for your photos! I look forward to hearing from you soon! Aloha!