Sending a warm congratulations to Dan and Nicole! Newly engaged this past October and we have the most beautiful photos of their special evening.

As their Lanai Photographer, I almost blew my cover before the actual proposal happened!! Leading up to this proposal, Dan kept excellent communication with updates from weeks out. Then on the day of the session, I received a phone call from him about 20 minutes before our session start time mentioning she found out they're headed to the beach and will meet us for a less breezy spot, so I went to meet them on their walk down from the hotel. As I stopped them on the beach path, the awkwardness of the situation instantly made me realize Nicole was unaware I'll be capturing their photos, but Dan was quick to recover the situation as they nonchalantly continued on their way to the beach where the magic of the proposal still happened! Nicole was still shocked and the photos came out incredible!!

It was a beautiful and warm October evening! And I learned to ask more questions to ensure we're on the same page when it comes to surprise proposals! I'm so grateful for this learning experience.

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