At the end of the night on the day they got married, Dayna and Chad explained that this wedding stirred up a lot of emotion. They originally planned to get married earlier this year, but with Covid restrictions ever-changing, they cancelled their big wedding. BUT, as they started to think about their wedding day, they came up with a simple elopement in December of 2021 instead. They're glad they did because during their reception, Dayna said "this feels like us." Dayna and Chad, and let's not forget Dash, absolutely loved their wedding day!

Oh! Did I mention I also captured their Maui Portrait earlier this summer too! Check out their Honolua Jungle and Ironwoods portrait here!

Mahalo Dayna + Chad for choosing me as your destination wedding photographer!

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Wedding Day Vendors:

Hair and Makeup: @beauty_by_charissegrace

Videographer:  @evsganir

Wedding Venue: @fairmontorchidweddings

Wedding Coordinator: @naupakaevents