Portrait Location: Thompson Road, Kula

Timing: Early afternoon in late July

It's not often I take professional family photos. I'm hoping to change that and be able to say, I'm always taking family photos with the people I love. These memories are so important and as time goes on, it gets harder to align schedules to come together. For this portrait, I'm excited to share my boyfriend's large family portrait of four generations. What makes this portrait even more special is Grandma Higa is proudly smiling with her family at 101 years old!!

Late July was a perfect time for scheduling these photos. It's been years since they took a family photo like this, so this was something everyone looked forward to. Choosing this location was a no-brainer too. It was easily accessible for Grandma to move around without any challenging ground surfaces. The lighting was a soft cloud-cover, which is pretty normal for this area. The landscape of this location did not disappoint. This location is Thompson Road in Kula, Maui.

Peep the framed group photo already up in Grandma Higa's living room! I love when photos are printed so much!

I just loved how everything came together for this portrait!

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