Legend of Sweetheart rock (Pu`u Pehe)

A single landmark standing isolated in the waters between Manele and Hulopoe Bay is known for it's Hawaiian legend.

In ancient Hawai`i, a young warrior of Lāna`i named Makakehau took a Maui woman named Pehe as his wife. She was the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on, so he brought her back to Lāna`i.

Anxious and afraid of thought of losing her to another man because of her beauty, he asked Pehe to wait and hide in a sea cave near Manele Bay while he gathered supplies. She agreed. But shortly after he left, the weather suddenly changed for the worse. Rough waters surged around the island causing large waves crashing upon each other as the tide began to rise and the skies darkened.

Worried by the unprecedented storm, Makakehau hurried to the hiding place. He was too late. Pehe's lifeless body was found on the shore. This tragedy brought devastation and heartbreak. In memory of her, he climbed to the top of the steepest rock nearby and buried her on its flat surface, only to fall to his death in the raging waters to be with her again.

Photographer on lanai

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Mahalo for learning more about Lāna`i and it's history!