Attention all content creators!

My business owners, social media marketers, and anyone wanting to give their content some love and appreciation it needs for growth...this one's for you! Here in this blog post, Brianna does it again! This is her third time for her Maui Branding Photography with me and we are in awe with how great this experience was and the images we came out with.

I know content creation is a huge part of our lifestyle in business nowadays, so it's ideal to have a style that matches your brand. Some tips for your branding photography:

  1. Have a consistent color style
  2. Mood is everything (smiles all the time, fashion-modeling type of posing, completely candid, etc) Make sure your photos matches your brand's mood
  3. Be prepared with the appropriate props and outfits that promote your business best
  4. Have inspo shots ready for your photographer (this helps to give us a better idea of what you're expecting) Communication is key for teamwork between clients and phtoographers.

With these tips, we were able to come up with so many amazing photos (over 200 final images to be exact), but here is a preview of what we got.

We even included Brianna's dad's hat.

Adding sentimental aspects in your photos make your captures even more special. This hat belonged to her father who just passed away last month. She was so happy to have beautiful photos with such a precious gift.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Send me an inquiry for your photos. I can't wait to hear from you soon! Aloha!