What is branding Photography?

It is a visual representation of your personality, style, energy and how it relates to your business. And to me, I absolutely love this type of session!

I believe all entrepreneurs, small business owners, and influencers (you get the idea) should participate in branding photography at least once in their career. It's incredibly important to let your clients and customers know who you are as an individual before working with you! A website or a bio can only say so much, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

And so here, is my branding photography, Lāna`i edition! I actually recorded videos of each scene and image grabbed each of these shots! It's something I do for my workout videos too. Lol! (I know I should have a remote trigger for this, but that'll come.)

Everything took place in a small area of my living room and my pup decided to photo bomb, which is cool. This is something he does while I'm working anyways, so I was actually happy he naturally did what he is good at. Cuddles while I work!

Enjoy and I hope to capture your branding photography soon!

Lanai branding photography
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