this is how jensen did it!

Jensen is actually one of my good friends, so you bet I was excited to get his message about planning a Maui surprise proposal for Lena! For those who are wondering where to start, this one's for you. In this guide, here is one way to plan photos without your other half suspecting anything!

Step 1: find an experienced photographer

This step is pretty crucial! So many things can go wrong if both parties are not on the same page. Finding a photographer with these qualities below will bring your vision to life!

  • Past experiences in proposal planning and timing - Your photographer has one shot at capturing the genuine moment!
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Familiar with the location of choice (lighting, environment, etc.) - Some locations truly require professional expertise!
  • Has the appropriate camera gear - Certain scenarios require certain lenses and equipment. Be sure your photographer is ready!
  • Hire a confident photographer you trust - If s/he is not comfortable with proposals, consider other options. You want to know you're in quality hands!

Step 2: set a game plan

For Jenson, he initially thought of me hiding and capturing the moment, but we did something different! Instead we convinced Lena he'd scheduled a couples portrait, which is something she was wanting to do for forever! He selected the location at Honolua Jungle in Kapalua and I helped with timing for that specific location, which was early afternoon.

On the day of, the plan was to find the perfect spot at the very start of the session. I'd walk them through a series of cute poses there. Then my cue to Jensen was to wait until I say, "hold hands, look at the camera, look away from each other" and as she looked away, I'd nod to Jensen to lower onto one knee. And BOOM!


Proposing on Maui
Proposing on Maui
Proposing on Maui

These messages were from the planning stage when Jensen initially reached out to me! And below are the photos of how the proposal actually went.

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Peep the rooster who got front row seats!

Proposing on Maui
Maui Surprise Proposal

And that, my friends, is how it's done! Lena had no idea she would walk out of this portrait engaged and ready to plan her dream wedding! Congratulations Lena + Jensen!

I hope this gave you some inspiration for surprise proposal, surprise engagement portrait, or anything worth surprising! Contact me today for your session and I look forward to meeting you!